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IMO Slewing Rings

VHS Hydraulic Components is an official UK distributor for IMO, a specialist in turning and slewing solutions. IMO is one of the leading manufacturers of large roller bearings and ready-to-install gear system assemblies. Since 1988, IMO have been supplying satisfied customers with slewing rings and swivel drives that fulfill their purpose perfectly - quality "made in Germany".

What is a Slewing Ring?

Slewing Rings are large diameter antifriction bearings for the simultaneous transmission of axial and radial forces, as well as tilting moments. They replace traditional solutions with fixed and floating bearings as well as king pin bearings. Frequently, this results in bearings with axial/radial bearing combinations with one bearing point. This can significantly simplify the design of the mounting structure and the installation of the bearings, which in turn reduces effort and costs.

Cost-effective and tried-and-tested, IMO antifriction bearings are available as:

  • Ball slewing rings, roller slewing rings, and ball-roller combination slewing rings
  • Four-point bearings, double four-point bearings/eight-point bearings, flange bearings, wire race bearings, cross roller bearings
  • Segmented slewing rings
  • Gear rims
  • External gearing, internal gearing, or without gearing
  • Diameter ranging from 100 mm to 6000 mm
  • With cages (steel, brass, or plastic) or spacers (brass or plastic)
  • With standard seals or specially produced special seals
  • Optionally with induction-hardened raceways
  • Different corrosion protection coatings possible

IMO Slewing Rings have mounting holes and a sealed raceway system with grease lubrication. They can be combined with motors, pinions, and planetary gears. Functions and parts of the mounting structure - such as attached bearing rings - can be integrated.




IMO Ball Slewing Rings feature:
Single-row or double-row
Four-point raceway geometry
Enables robust constructions for tough usage conditions

Ball diameter
12 to 80 mm

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IMO Ball Slewing Ring with flange ring features:
Raceway diameter from 311 mm to 1,455 mm
Maximum tilting moment 16 kNm to 1,036 kNm

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IMO Ball Slewing Ring, single row features:
Raceway diameter from 100 mm to 2,800 mm
Maximum tilting moment 4 kNm to 7,008 kNm

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IMO Double Axial Slewing Ring features:
Raceway diameter from 2,199 mm to 4,140 mm
Maximum tilting moment 4,383 kNm to 16,170 kNm

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IMO Further Standard Ball Slewing Rings feature:
Raceway diameter from 120 mm to 1,845 mm
Maximum tilting moment 2 kNm to 2,130 kNm

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IMO Roller Slewing Rings feature:
Single-row, double-row, or triple-row
Top load with really small installation space
Top requirements for even load distribution

Roller diameter
10 to 100 mm

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IMO Roller Slewing Ring Triple-row features:
Raceway diameter from 1,250 mm to 4,750 mm
Maximum tilting moment 1,735 kNm to 48,351 kNm

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IMO Ball-roller Combination Slewing Rings feature:
Combination of roller and ball slewing rings
Used for dominant axial force and low radial loads/tilting moments.

Ball diameter
25 to 80 mm
Roller diameter
to 100 mm


IMO Ball-roller Combination Slewing Rings feature:
Raceway diameter from 3,550 mm to 4,900 mm
Maximum tilting moment 16,633 kNm to 36,769 kNm

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