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Diesel Engines worth their weight in gold

Their seems to be no sign of the UK fuel costs slowing down any time soon.

So how can UK hauliers fight back and protect their profit margins?

Getting the truck and lorry to its destination is only one cost of fulfilling the job, but when the job involves unloading stock, and use of additional equipment such as tailgates, cranes, or power air conditioning units, then extra fuel is required even after the vehicle has come to a stop.  In the majority of haulage vehicles on the road today, the engine is needed to power all third party machinery such as the ones mentioned above.  This not only burns more expensive diesel, but also pumps more Co2 into the atmosphere and creates a harmful working environment.

So what is the answer?

Small, compact onboard engines that allow the driver to switch off the expense diesel guzzling engine and allow the smaller, more efficient engine to power all other third party components.  At VHS we are pioneering this energy saving and Co2 reducing initiative by supplying and tailoring where needed both Lombardini / Kohler diesel engines.  Either water or air-cooled, VHS have cost and energy saving solution that will protect your profit margins from this point on.

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