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Why Kohler Engines are considered the best on the market!

Air-cooled or Liquid Cooled, KOHLER are setting new standards for diesel engines in power and engineering excellence.

Whether you're in the market for air-cooled or liquid cooled engines, from direct injection technology to full pressure lubrication, every component contributes to powerful performance and durability.


• Air-cooling

• Direct injection system delivers increased power with lower fuel consumption.

• Full pressure lubrication offers superior cooling and performance.

• Full-flow oil filters mean longer engine and component life.


KOHLER liquid-cooled diesel engines set new standards for power and engineering excellence. Top-notch fuel injection technology delivers power and saves on fuel while the belt-driven, overhead camshaft and low-turbulence make for quieter operation. Efficency never sounded so good.

• Liquid-cooling

• Advanced injection system uses fuel more efficiently.

• High-efficiency combustion significantly lowers emissions.

• Belt-driven, overhead camshaft and low-turbulence means quieter operation.

• Cast iron block construction ensures durability and lasting performance.

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