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Marchesini Valves

Oleodinamica Marchesini is a specialized company that designs, manufactures, and distributes high-quality Marchesini valves for a variety of industrial applications, including lifting, agriculture, industry, and earth moving. Founded in 1978, the company has earned a reputation for quality and reliability across the industry. 

With over 40 years of experience in the field, Oleodinamica Marchesini is committed to providing customers with solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. Their valves are known for their high performance and reliability, making them a great choice for any industrial application.

VHS Hydraulic Components is an Oleodinamica Marchesini UK distributor and we stock and supply Marchesini Check Valves, Marchesini Pilot Operated Check Valves, Marchesini Flow Control Valves, Marchesini Regen Valves, Marchesini Pressure Relief Valves, Marchesini Sequence Valves, Marchesini Shuttle Valves, Marchesini CETOP Subplates and Marchesini CETOP Valves.



Discover the Marchesini Valves Range


Check Valves


The pilot-operated block valve is a kind of one-way valve in which the opening of the normally closed passage can take place thanks to the action exerted by pilot pressure. The opening of the sealing system by means of the pilot pressure is of the on / off type.



Our stock includes the Marchesini 1” check valve VU, the ½”, ¼:, ¾” and the 3/8” check valve VU.




Single Pilot Operated Check Valves

These valves are used to block the cylinder in one direction. The flow is free in one direction and blocked in the reverse direction until pilot pressure is applied.



Double Pilot Operated Check Valves



Pilot check valves are used to block the cylinder in both directions. Flow is free in one direction and blocked in the reverse direction until pilot pressure is applied.





Direct Acting Sequence Valves


A sequence valve is used to feed 2 cylinders in sequence: it provides flow to the secondary circuit when a primary circuit function has reached the pressure setting. Reverse flow is free. It’s ideal for circuits with low pressure on the secondary actuator as the pressures are added.





 This valve is used to select higher pressure between two pressure lines.

Our stock includes the Marchesini 1”, ¾” and 3/8” shuttle valve






With a full range of Plough Overturning Valves, Oleodinamica Marchesini is able to offer the optimal solution for all plough configurations: with alignment, on land, in furrow and others.


The latest generation Plough Overturning Valves have been developed to give the operator the ability to move the plough with alignment back to the working position following depth or position adjustments. The efficiency of the movements has been improved by lower valve pressure drops, a critical factor for larger ploughs





 VHS Hydraulic Components is a Oleodinamica Marchesini UK distributor


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