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IKRON Suction Filters

Ikron suction filters protect the pump from the fluid contaminant inside the tank. The primary purpose of hydraulic suction filters is to trap and remove impurities from the hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid is easily contaminated, and fluid contamination is especially prevalent right after new equipment is installed. During the initial “breaking in” period, metal flakes from the machinery can work their way into the hydraulic fluid, potentially damaging the pump or impeller and progressing into the tank.


Discover the Ikron Suction Filter Range


Ikron HF410

In tank suction line filters to protect the main pump from cavitation and seizures.


Maximum flow: 79.3 gpm (300 l/min)
Filter media:
Stainless steel wire mesh 25, 60, 125, 250 micron
Zinc-plated steel wire mesh 90 micron


Ikron HF410 suction filters are directly connected to the circuit suction line and protect the system components from contaminant particles. Versions with mounted by-pass valve are available.

Ikron HF431/434/437

Tank mounted suction line filters with aluminium connection, easy to replace and inspect.



Maximum flow: 58.1 gpm (220 l/min)

Filter media:
Stainless steel wire mesh 60, 125, 250 micron


Ikron HF431/434/437 suction filters are mounted on the tank side wall and protect the system components from contaminant particles. The aluminium connection ensures maximum reliability to high temperatures and is available in the following configurations:
HF431 = hose connection + male thread
HF434 = male thread + male thread
HF437 = female thread + male thread.

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