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EMMEGI – Heat Exchangers

EMMEGI has a four-decade history in manufacturing heat exchangers for the industrial and mobile market. Leveraging diverse experiences accumulated over the years and advanced software programs, they excel in designing and developing highly technological products that meet the evolving demands of the market. The superior quality standards of the EMMEGI range position them to compete with increasing success.


In the United Kingdom, EMMEGI has been present for slightly over a decade. Their continuous growth, driven by sales, marketing, and technical support, underscores their commitment to providing an exceptional line of high-quality, highly durable, and highly efficient air blast hydraulic oil coolers.


Emmegi’s range of products spans air cooled, water cooled, and oil cooled heat exchangers for industrial and mobile applications. Additionally, beyond the line of heat exchanger standards, they design and manufacture custom combination air/water/oil coolers for intricate application requirements.


EMMEGI air-oil heat exchangers are used for cooling oil hydraulic systems using as the coolant ambient air that passes over the radiant by means of a fan operated by an electric or hydraulic motor. The cooler element, in high resistance aluminium alloy, is obtained by means of a braze-welding process carried out under vacuum. The particular configuration of the cooling pipes increases the turbulence of the fluid consequently of the exchange capacity; moreover, the presence of special jets on the cooler finning further improves the total transmission coefficient. The result is a very small, light and robust technologically advanced product.



Product Overview

VHS Hydraulic Components is an EMMEGI UK distributor. We supply EMMEGI Air Blast Coolers (12V DC & 24V DC), EMMEGI Mobile-S Air-Oil Coolers (12V & 24V DC) and EMMEGI Air-Oil Coolers (415V AC). 

This includes the Emmegi 12V DC 2010K Air Blast Cooler, 12V DC 2015K Air Blast Cooler, 12v 2020K Air Blast Cooler, 12V DC 2030K Air Blast Cooler, 12V DC 2040K Air Blast Cooler and the 12V DC 2050K Air Blast Cooler. Including the Emmegi 12V DC MS1 Mobile-S Air-Oil Cooler and the 12 V DC MS2 Mobile-S Air-Oil Cooler. 


We also stock the 24V DC 2010K Air Blast Cooler, 2015K Air Blast Cooler, 2020K Air Blast Cooler, 2024K Air-Oil Cooler, 2030K Air Blast Cooler, 2040K Air Blast Cooler and the 2050K Air Blast Cooler. Including the Emmegi 24V DC MS1 Mobile-S-Air-Oil Cooler and the 24V DC MS2 Mobile-S Air-Oil Cooler.



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VHS Hydraulic Components is an Emmegi UK Distributor.


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