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Bosch Rexroth Power Packs

Bosch Rexroth Power Packs

The compact Bosch Rexroth CytroPac Hydraulic Power Unit is a revolutionary solution for machine tool design. The Bosch Rexroth CytroPac Power Unit is 100% drop in ready for a wide range of pressure and flow applications. This is a huge advantage over past issues of both installation space and compatibility. With every hydraulic power unit function packaged into one unit including an efficient Sytronix variable-speed pump drive, i4.0-enabled interface, and a no-hassle cooling and degassing tank design, the plug-and-play Bosch Rexroth CytroPac can help you achieve new levels of productivity in new and retrofitted machine designs.


  • Component series 1X
  • Tank size 20 l
  • Maximum operating pressure 240 bar
  • Power 1.5 … 4 kW


Key features of the Bosch Rexroth CytroPac Small Power Unit include: 

·       Integrated frequency converter.

·       Power unit is suitable for S1 operation (continuous operation).

·       Early warning signals in case of faults regarding oil level, temperature, return flow filter and frequency converter.

·       Plug and run (electrical connection via plug-in connection).

·       Integrated cooling for motor and frequency converter, optionally also for active oil cooling.

·       Noise-reduced design.

·       Integrated oil drain facility.

·       Integrated return flow filter.

·       Reduced pressure fluid volume due to degassing-optimized tank.

·       Compact design.

·       Prestart Control to reduce the collapse of pressure.

·       Sleep function to reduce the power consumption, e.g., during accumulator charging operation.

To view the Bosch Rexroth CytroPac Small Power Unit in action please view this video on YouTube:


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