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  • Emmegi 12V DC 2020K Air Blast Cooler

Emmegi 2020K - 12VDC Hydraulic Oil Cooler

EMMEGI air-oil heat exchangers are used for cooling oil hydraulic systems using as the coolant ambient air that passes over the radiant by means of a fan operated by an electric or hydraulic motor. The cooler element, in high resistance aluminium alloy, is obtained by means of a braze-welding process carried out under vacuum. The particular configuration of the cooling pipes increases the turbulence of the fluid consequently of the exchange capacity; moreover, the presence of special jets on the cooler finning further improves the total transmission coefficient. The result is a very small, light and robust technologically advanced product.


Product Specifications 

  • 12V DC (0.08KW motor) 6,4 Amps
  • Max Rated Flow rate 100lpm
  • Sizes: 340.5mm x 320mm x 168mm
  • Max dBa: 72
  • Weight: 7Kg’s
  • IP 67 rated

Compatible Fluids

  • Mineral Oils; HL, HLP
  • Water-Oil Emulsion
  • Water-Glycol

Example of How to Choose A Heat Exchanger

Proceed with sizing the exchanger, with a knowledge of the data as the example below shows: Power to dissipate : 9 [KW] ISO VG 32 oil flow : 90 [Ipm] Oil input temperature : 60 [°c] Ambient temperature : 30 [°c] Fan operating with an electric motor 230/400V-50Hz. You can then calculate the specific heat exchange power KW/°C if you know the power to dissipate and the T (the difference between the oil input temperature and the ambient temperature)









Note the oil flow (90 Ipm) and specific exchange power (0.30 KW/°C), product research is made by referring to the graph in the catalogue which is relevant to each model.


For full technical info please download the datasheet in the Document Files tab, Please click here to see our full range of Emmegi Coolers

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Emmegi 12V DC 2020K Air Blast Cooler

  • Brand: EMMEGI
  • Manufacturer Code: 252012301
  • VHS Code: EM252012301